A TOTAL REAL ESTATE COMPANY | boundless possibilities, unrivalled!

Caritas Properties, is a Full Service Real Estate Agency that assists friends and families in the journey of home ownership, providing buyers, sellers, landlords, and investors with innovative real estate solutions. Ultimately, our goal is to help owners sell fast at the best price, and buyers get the best value for their money.

Buying, Selling, Renting, and Investing in real estate is a major financial decision. It is a life-altering experience that is beyond a mere financial transaction. It is also a journey that elicit a couple of "sighs" along the way.
From conceptualizing owning a property, deciding on the type, the location, the features, to arranging for and getting a bond, Conveyancing, and many more, seemingly sound and look intimidating. Getting any part of this wrong have their own implications, and many do get it wrong. Though there is a lot of information out there that offers a DIY, most of the information is complex, "busy and noisy".
Today's buyers and sellers, therefore, need a trusted partner-agency that can guide them through the complex world of real estate. A new partner that view buyers and sellers not as another opportunity but as a unique privilege to serve, and be of service.

Caritas Properties, is that partner-agency built on love, integrity, service and delivering on promises.
Caritas Properties is a Total Real Estate company, providing boundless possibilities that are unrivalled to our partners.


The Nub of our Services
At the center of what we do, which is supported by a working and functioning system, processes, and people, to put it simply, is that we go on your Real Estate journey with you, from conceptualization to the joyful "sigh" of a happy homeowner, with the keys dangling in his or her hands.

Our Partners
The journey to becoming an home owner could be daunting. Our system, processes and People make the journey smooth. At each stage of the journey, are our People, those we refer to as Our Partners. They make it work well.

Our Sales, Rental & Property Management Agents are part of Our Partners.
The office Management Staff are Our Partners.
Service providers such as Conveyancers, Attorneys, Interior Designers, Home Stagers, Mortgage providers, Contractors (for renovations), Concierge, etc are Our Partners.
They do everything possible to get you to the finish line; with focus, industry knowledge and integrity.
Importantly, our sellers, buyers and landlords are also Our Partners.


The Caritas Properties team of both highly-seasoned real estate professionals, new creatives and problem solvers are dedicated to providing exceptional, and personalized services for all of our clients, delivering an outstanding experience every step of the way.
We are a technology-driven, human-lead real estate company.
We use the instrumentality of the latest technology; innovative and available Proptech.
At Caritas Properties, it is all about the broad application of technology to real estate transactions and marketing.


As a new-generation real estate agency, we count on our ability to understand and adjust to market conditions and adopt new digital systems and new technology quickly and efficiently to stay light years ahead of the competition. We are intentional in our operational processes. We use the industry's most advanced digital platforms allowing us to be fast to market, responsive, using the most accurate data-driven tech tools in the business. We limit the risks for our clients.
Our media buyers operate at the cutting edge of technology and beyond, to deliver a marketing plan & strategy that helps our clients to sell or buy at the best possible price in the quickest time.


At Caritas Properties, one of mantras we live by is, "it is sold!" The agency's primary goal is to get properties sold! We pride ourselves as an Agency that equips our Sales Partners (agents) with the knowledge, skills, and resources to uphold their fiduciary responsibility to clients. We empower our agent to use their intrinsic talent and values to build relationships premised on understanding what the client wants, and the immense possibilities of technology to execute and deliver our promise of boundless possibilities, unrivalled.