There is an argument to be made for owning investment properties. Yet it is mute if the tenants are problem tenants. Coupled with the quick brag about the Rental Tribunal by recalcitrant tenants, more owners are becoming weary. DIY landlords are almost always holding the wrong end of the stick when the situation becomes sticky. Owners know the story too well.

Deciding on whether to do it yourself, i.e. lease and manage the property yourself or get a professional to do it is easy, once a number of questions are critically asked, and answered.


Legal jeopardy in terms of the Rental Housing Act.
Non-compliance with your fiduciary obligations in handling the tenant's deposit.
Touch-and-go checks and qualification of tenants.
The lack of property reporting and commnuication.

The best way to mitigate these risks and safeguard your investment is to appoint a professional to properly manage your rental property.


Right Tenant Placement

The first is getting a tenant through our full letting service and processes.

Vetting of Prospective Tenants

Our vetting process starts immediately after the viewing when the application has been requested and returned. The process is rigorous; we do not take things at face value. Our in-house Property Manager is able to detect any slight in the documentation, etc. (e.g. earning R50,000 per month may not be sufficient for a tenant to lease a R10,000 per month apartment!).

Documentation & Agreements

All submitted documents go through strict scrutiny to ascertain their legality. The lease agreement is comprehensive and covers all aspects. We ensure that the rights of all the parties are protected whilst guaranteeing the enforcement of any breach is clear.

Continuous Property Checks

Whilst the ingoing and outgoing inspections are done whether the property is under our management or not, however as may be stated in the management agreement, we do routine checks on the property to ensure it is in shape. The process is automated.

Rent Collection, Records & Bill Payments

We collect rent on behalf of the owner and pay bills such as rate, etc as may be agreed to by the owner. We maintain accounting records of payments and disbursements. Importantly, we manage the collections in a manner that defaults are promptly dealt with.


The agency arranges for repairs and maintenance once the property is leased. This we do by engaging the services of our network of experienced and professional suppliers vetted for their quality work at competitive prices. The process is automated.


Engaging a top industry (real estate) accounting system for seamless and easy record keeping.

MANAGEMENT PLUS | payment may be incurred monthly in some options below

We engage our partners variously to attend to issues as follows:

Rental Surety - Your rent is assured for three months if at all there is a default, allowing for the eviction process to be completed with no loss of rental income to the owner.
Eviction Management - legal eviction, that is painless to the owner at almost next to nothing in cost.